Rat Chat and Operation Spring Boot Highlights

Rat Chat and Operation Spring Boot Highlights


We had quite a weekend last Saturday with Operation Spring Boot and then our Rat Chat which was held on Sunday.  The video in this article for the RAT Chat in its entirety.  Campaign #172 rolls along at the 40 day mark.  The map has gone back and forth with the Axis making the latest push.  We have had so many great combined arms battles taking place this map! It’s been amazing.

Chat with the Rats

 Well over 100 WWII Online community members joined our live RAT Chat discussion on Sunday, April 19th, 2020. Thank You all for attending!

Topic items include the following items/features for our upcoming May 2020 1.36.5 patch:

  • HUD Mission Waypoints
  • Engineer Class Split
  • New Trenches
  • Sandbag and Barbed Wire PPO’s Now Linkable
  • STO (Server Tracked Objects) for Bombers
  • Sturmgewehr 44
  • and MORE

Additionally, we discussed items/features for the 1.36.6 patch that will be forthcoming:

  • Bomber Loadouts
  • Improved Flight Gauges
  • MG17/MGFF Audio
  • New Bunkers Added to Front line Towns
  • Infantry FOV (Field of View) Increase
  • and MORE

XOOM took the helm to discuss Development, Production, and Operational works in progress:

  • Stabilize Game Server/Connectivity
  • Smooth out 64-bit Release
  • Increase the Number of Concurrent Users Playing
  • Increase Connectivity and Health within our Community
  • Completion of the Roadmap
  • Advanced Engine Technologies from Within

At the end of the RAT Chat, XOOM had a “One Last Thing…” moment that floored those that attended!

This video is near 1hr 45min long and includes the above talk/image presentation and the Question/Answer session in its entirety. YouTube Link Here


Operation Spring Boot

If you missed last Saturday’s Operation Spring Boot then you missed a good one!  This was another High Command led liver server event which showcased the best of our game.  High intensity, combined arms battles with air, sea and land and paratroop operations.  The Allied side was led by CinC Justinrot and the Axis side was led by CinC Googs.  Our player pop was sky high and each side had multiple attack and defense objectives with something to do for every player.

Campaign #172

Campaign #172 rages on at the 40 day mark.  The Axis have made a push over the past 2 weeks and currently own 64% of the map and the Allies own 36%.  The Americans landed about two weeks ago and have had difficulty in stopping the Axis advance into France.  All hands return to the front and engage the enemy!  See you on the battlefield!!

Link to original post by CRS: https://www.wwiionline.com/community-notes/reports/16733-rat-chat-and-operation-sping-boot-highlights

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