Version 1.35.18 Readme

This Wednesday (3/20/19) we’ll be releasing version 1.35.18. It includes big changes to player placed objects, such as placing mobile spawn objects closer to enemy facilities along with faster cool down timers so you can deploy more objects to change the game environment for all those around you. It also adds the recently discussed Lightmachine Gun changes (no reloading or shooting while on the move). We also have some bug fixes and a couple of small additions. This is the last patch before 1.36, which is expected to go into CLOSED BETA at the end of this Month. Please review this readme carefully, and join our 1.36 (Hybrid Supply) forum discussions

World War II Online

Version – March 2019

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected an issue which made it appear that the spawn list was empty whenever changing from a list that had a large amount of units
  • Updated the Ridderkerk North Bridge so that is can now be selected and targeted
  • The Churchill Mk V and Mk VIII CS tank’s range finder is now fixed
  • FB flags now stay the correct size whenever zooming the map out
  • Fixed an issue that made it appear that a unit was facing in the wrong direction but firing in a different direction whenever being viewed from a long distance away

Adjusted Content

  • Player Placed Object (PPO) Changes:
    • FMS (Fortified Mobile Spawn)
      • All FMS tolerance values restored to 1.35.14 values, which will improve placements throughout the game world
      • 30 second deployment timer (reduced by half)
      • Adjusted the range from enemy facilities to 300m (down from 400m)
    • UMS
      • Removed the surface restriction so it can be placed in urban / non-urban environments
      • Reduced deployment range from 400m to 250m from enemy facility
      • Changed naming from UMS (Urban Mobile Spawn) to LMS (Light Mobile Spawn)
    • High Command Mobile Spawn (HCMS: Rifle Only Spawn)
      • Reduced deployment range from 400m to 200m from enemy facility
    • Sandbags
      • Changed from 45 second to 30 second cool down timer
    • Tank Trap
      • Reduced cool down to 3 minutes from 6.5
    • Curved Sandbags
      • Reduced cool down to 30 seconds from 75
    • Barbed Wire Box
      • Reduced cool down to 60 seconds from 180
    • Barbed Wire Fence
      • Reduced cool down to 60 seconds from 180
  • Added a link between Gouda and Tiel in order to help with cutting off the northern towns
  • The Side channel is now replaced with the Origin channel (the side channel can be re-tuned manually)
  • The FlaK 37’s gun sight Field of View has been adjusted to make it easier to follow targets
  • The British town icon was cleaned up and made to be more like the other town icons
  • The distance for how close you must be to a hitch point has been adjusted from 2 to 3 meters
  • The credits have been updated to reflect recent changes to the CRS team
  • Light Machine Guns (LMGs) from all countries have been updated with these restrictions:
    • No firing while moving
    • No reloading while moving
    • These weapons include: German MG34, British Bren, French FM29.
      • It will include the Allied .30 caliber once production has been completed (not yet in-game).

New Content

  • A new Airfield layout has been added to Den Haag
  • New translations have been added for recent releases 

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