Old School FB Busting!

18th Feb – Soignies

Whips were defending FBs (we had no Dr Loo but were covering for him) and whacked Bloody Bill a couple of times (the poor dear logged less than 30mins after logging in!! :D ) and then we caught u with and repeatedly whacked a concerted FB attack by the allies that ended up with all of 4Wing and some lancers.

Meanwhile Groundlbr had gone to the allied AO at Soignies which was/had been a non event for an hour or so.

And then all the allies who were working on discord gave up on “our” FB and switched to Soigines – and CPs started to tumble. Ground called out for some help and Hastein told all free Whips to switch to the DO. Just as well that we did, as allied inf were all over the town. We killed off the AB campers and would be cappers on the East side of town, and either reset or recappd the East and one of the West depots. Meanwhile the allies switched back to their A game, and all that could be heard was the drone of Mattys and the reving of Stus as the town was hit by wave after wave of allied armour!

They had 3 flags attacking to our one, and HC were struggling to switch supply around.

With the west side of town falling again, and the ETs moving on the AB, Hastein2 rolled an Opel from Halle to backdoor the allied FB to Soignies.

He rolled in silent to about 1200m N of the FB and called for engies on squad chat, and Whips responded. Groundlbr stayed in the bunker, but we told HC and chn 74 that we were going for the FB.

Eight Whips spawned in as engies (well Wolf was a sapper!) and then a greentag appeared, called TheJoker0!) We begged him to not shoot and to follow us, and off we went running to the FB. Every Whip was assigned a target and we got into position. The FB was covered by AAA, and trucks were spawning and leaving as we made our way into position.

Meanwhile all the east side of town had fallen and we were down to the AB. The AB was camped by multi ETs and Groundlbr kept reporting eis being killed in the bunker. We couldn’t wait any longer, and the FB assault began, just as another AAA spawned in. It was a perfect assault. Not one Whip died, not one charge failed to be placed, and 30 seconds after the GO the FB was gone!

We then RTBed and either defended our new FB, the allies came for it big time, or we went back to town and started sapping the ETs (not sure how many we killed altogether but I got 2xMatty and 2xStus :D ) There were ET hulks everywhere, and the audio of one Matty running away to the N of the town!

The town was libbed and the allies pulled the AO. Whips stopped the initial attack, held up the second assault, and then killed off their AO just as the allies thought they had the town won! :D A great team effort to blow the FB and discipline from Groundlbr to initially get in to the bunker while we were running around town killing and recapping, and then for him to hold it while the rest went to the FB. Great work guys! :)

S! Ian

PS the greentag did well, and didn’t shoot, and was subsequently recruited and joined us on discord!

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