C131 – WHIPS Most Valuable Squad

Awarded by LeanderJ:


And now last but not least the MVS aka Most Valuable Squad :

We are glad they are back on the axis side, cozz they saved some important attacks and defences on this map. Congratz Whips on this  medal!




Congratulations everyone!



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AAR: Anniversary Squadnight 17.12.2016

With already postponing once as our Allied stint did take longer than expected in C130, we were running very close into an anniversary squad night held during intermission. Thanks to Axis forces finishing the map mid week the new campaign, C132, started on Friday morning US time.

It was the best which could have happened to our squad night, fresh into the campaign!


We still had at least ...

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Issue with our new gallery

*Cough* This is kinda embarassing *cough*, but while working on our new website it seems we NEVER tested the gallery with actual/original screenshots from WWIIOL – meaning, we did not use .bmp files to test the gallery. By the looks of it all screenshots were .jpg and .png files...

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Friday update 16.12.2016 & RAT CHAT


Join the Rats this Sunday for a Rat Chat at 12PM US Central (GMT -6) on TS3. BF-109 rudder fix in testing, gun crew members are being updated and 1.36 is being integrated into the HOST on the dev server. WWII Online Audio Update: December 16th, 2016 (HERE).


Please join the team and I for a Rat Chat this Sunday...

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