How is it by your side?

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Re: How is it by your side?

Post by shagher » Monday 27. April 2020, 02:06

Yes... Never under estimate the impact of bad education....

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Re: How is it by your side?

Post by Eesti » Wednesday 29. April 2020, 17:19

For you information, I spoke to Voro this morning, and she's doing good:

"Hola eesti!! Im lucky and im healthy, like my family. Im working at home so i dont see the street, only to go to the shop. We are totally confinated till the next sarurday. 50 days ."

Always good to have positive news from old fellows! :)
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Re: How is it by your side?

Post by Hastien » Thursday 30. April 2020, 20:22

S! Im glad to hear she is doing well. News from over there seems so terrible since our news only shows the bad and hardly ever anything good. Just like the flood spain had, all bad, and not showing the areas it is effecting. I always worry about or guys even though they not with us anymore, i still reach out to them.

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