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Looking to join

Posted: Friday 15. January 2021, 21:52
by Blackz

I've played over the Christmas period and re-subbed as I really had fun - now just looking for an active squad to play with.

Used to play a few years ago but stopped because of work/life and the usual stuff but now looking to get my boots muddy again.

My discord handle is - Black#3002. I am usually on the WW2 Online discord and see your channel populated but dont know if it's members only or not so I've dared not venture in!

Hope I fit the requirements.


Re: Looking to join

Posted: Monday 18. January 2021, 09:06
by bierbaer
S! and welcome


Re: Looking to join

Posted: Tuesday 19. January 2021, 04:05
by Hastien
S! Welcome to WHIPS.