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Friday update 22.09.2017: Updating legacy artwork and weapon performance data

Well we’re now 100% released on Steam and the team has done a pretty solid job at improving stability of the Campaign server. We’re keeping a watchful eye on the feedback coming from new Steam users and how we can improve their onboarding experience to WWII Online...

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Friday update 01.09.2017 – F2P changes

 Steam is launching shortly and everyone is excited! Today we have opened the doors to our “Welcome Back Soldiers,” and we’re also doing some last minute fixes on our game server in preparation for that big launch...

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Dear fellow WHIPS and friends!

The steam release for WW2OL is getting closer and without exaggerating, it is around the corner! CRS yesterday announced their steam release plan! The steam release is going to happen in several waves in order to somehow protect the health of the servers, if that is even possible 😉

Here’s is an overview of the release dates:

Prior the release on steam, CRS is g...

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Friday update 19.05.2017 – Ratchat 27.05!!

Today we have launched our, “Steam Store Page,” with a status of coming soon. We have a Rat Chat planned for Saturday May 27th which will be the most interactive and inclusive Rat Chat we have ever done. Our entire team is preparing everything for the Steam launch, and today I will give you a quick update on what that means in terms of our developments.



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